Contributors (in alphabetic order)

Volume 2, Issue 1

Brandy Frew is currently in her fourth year at Ashford University, as a Cultural Anthropology major. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda and Golden Key. Her passion is examining modern culture and watching how changes affect the peoples of the world. Upon graduating from Ashford, she hopes to move on to get a Masters in Criminology. A proud mother of four, she hopes that her college education will inspire her children to obtain higher learning.

Nicholas Clarkson is in his third year at Ashford University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  Nicholas grew up in Portage, MI where he enjoyed the opportunity to express himself in various creative outlets including poetry and music.   Having enjoyed those opportunities, Nicholas hopes to combine his background and current interests by focusing in Project Management and passing on his creative passion for words and life to others.

Jamie Kouba is a third year student here at Ashford University, working on a double Bachelor’s Degree in English and Cultural Anthropology.  She is a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda, and hopes to pursue her Master’s Degree in Anthropology after graduation.  She is married, with one daughter, and spends most of her free time outdoors.

Edward Lindenhofen is in his third year at Ashford University, pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  Ed is a tall ship sailor, and part-time high school marching band instructor, in addition to role as a Vice President at JPMorgan Chase, where he has worked for the past 16 years.  Ed is a member of Sigma Beta Delta, Alpha Sigma Lambda, Golden Key International Honour Society and Salute Veterans National Honor Society.

Stephanie Winscher is a 4th year student at Ashford studying multiple degrees in both History and education. Stephanie is an accomplished writer and is part of the Golden Key International Honour Society & Alpha Signa Lambda. In addition to her writing, Stephanie has a great passion for History and animals. Lastly, she is dedicated military veteran and prides herself in her ability to make the dean list and maintain a 4.0 GPA

Mark Wisniewski is a critical care registered nurse from upstate New York.  He is currently enrolled in his final year of undergraduate studies at Ashford University in the Health Care Administration program.  His interests include history, education, fitness, travel, nutrition, and of course, health care.  His reading interests are primarily focused on nonfiction, including political history and military history.  Mark plans to pursue a Master’s degree and advance in leadership in his nursing career.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Paul Odom received his Master’s of Education from Ashford University in November of 2014, while working as an estimator and purchasing agent at a manufacturing facility in Michigan. His first love has always been history, with a focus on American military history, which he hopes to teach in the future.

Chelsea Picken is an English literature major and a member of Sigma Tau Delta.  In 2014, Chelsea presented a paper on the alienation of women in Gothic literature at the Midwest Undergraduate Conference in the Humanities and a paper entitled “Victorian Sexuality and the Myth of Virginity in Tess of the d’Urbervilles” at the National Undergraduate Literature Conference in Ogden, Utah.  Chelsea hopes to earn a Ph.D. and become an English professor.

Joseph Webb Sr. is in his third year in the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University. An avid researcher with many interests, Joseph is a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda, enjoys writing on a daily basis, and is particularly interested in current issues in the humanities. Upon graduating from Ashford, Joseph plans to pursue a Master’s degree.

Eddy Wilson is in his fourth year at Ashford University, and is due to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in May, 2016.  In his time at Ashford, Eddy has discovered his passion for literature, its place in history and culture, and its power to instill sociopolitical change. Upon completing his undergraduate work, Eddy hopes to pursue a Master’s degree with the goal of teaching college courses in literary analysis.