Letter from the Editor

September 6, 2016

It is an honor to welcome you to the second issue of the Ashford Humanities Review (AHR).  The AHR offers Ashford University students the opportunity to present high quality, original, critical essays in the humanist disciplines in a peer-reviewed and edited publication.

This issue features the work of six Ashford University students whose spirited essays tackle the wide-ranging topics of the decline of Native Cultures in America, King James’ fear of witches, the Hutterite colonies as a model for peaceful societies, a cinematic critique of “Bond. James Bond,” an ethical discussion of physician-assisted suicide, and the necessity of domestic surveillance programs.

On behalf Mathew Lewerenz, MA, Chair of the Publications Committee at Ashford University, and the editorial staff of the AHR, I would like to thank our students for their intriguing work.

Dr. Julie Pedersen, Editor-in-Chief